Current Status of the National System

Kordia Agreement
The national system is now secure at several sites around the country due to a new deal with Kordia . Many thanks go to all that made this happen . 


Some power line arcing noises may be heard on weak signals during windy conditions


An interference issue causing a Chuff Chuff Chuff noise may be heard intermittently on this node . IMPORTANT NOTE : CTCSS tone of 123hz is now required to access 9875 local port . Please enable your transmitter with 123hz ctcss / pl tone . If you don't have tone on transmit you will NOT access the repeater . ( 9 Mar )


This node is currently Not Operational


This node is currently Off Air for repairs .


Some crackle has been heard on very weak signals during high winds 

Mt Studholme

There are reports of fading to this link , possibly due to tree obstruction at the south port of Christchurch site at Marley's Hill

Updated 20 Jan 2015

Please be considerate to other users of the system . NO long conversations. If your contact is local please switch to Simplex or a Local repeater . Some sites are solar powered and have limited battery supply in the Winter months , esp in cloudy conditions . Even if your conversation is LOCAL you are transmitted to the FULL national system in both islands .

Severe fading and drop outs may occur on the Christchurch to Dunedin section of the national system

A pirate is known to be operating in the Auck area the normal idiot noises and language being used please report to trustees in the Auck area if you have any info . We have had some reports of Un Authorised extensions from other bands causing issues to the system . All connections to the system must be approved , meet links specs and hold a current licence with the RSM .

Recently we have been asked about  Internet Access to the National System.  Due to key up delays , audio quality , security and the cost of running a dedicated fibre connection / digital microwave link  to a suitable injection point , this is not possible at the present time .