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AIS service restored

Today the Rangituhi - Colonial Knob AIS service was restored to service after a failure of the VHF receiver.  Coverage from the site has been gradually deteriorating over the last few months. 

Last weekend a working bee installed a new VHF marine band antenna at the site.  The new antenna is a PD220 Celwave Super Stationmaster with a gain of 5.25 dBd (7.4 dBi) arranged with a 6 degree electrical downtilt.

- John, ZL4JY


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Duplexer Overhaul for 7075

For more than 25 years, first analog then P25, the 147.075 MHz (+600 kHz split) repeater has covered the north of Wellington, New Zealand.  The original machine was a home made crystal controlled 10W design by Peter ZL2ARW but the site now features a 100W capable Motorola Quantar.

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Marine AIS Receiver Operational

The marine AIS (Automatic Identification System) is an automatic tracking technology used by ships to send and receive position reports. Vessels send positions derived by GPS to inform others and optionally receive positions from other vessels for local display.

A useful AIS overview is here:

DMR Update June 2014 [revised Dec 2014]

ZL DMR history

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ZL2IMD for International Marconi Day

Radio Spectrum Management have granted Wellington VHF Group, Branch 74, the Temporary Callsign ZL2IMD to commemorate International Marconi Day on 28 April.

Listen out for ZL2IMD on the National System. E-QSL cards will be sent to all stations that request one.

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Digital Television tests - Bulletin No 10

Members of the DATV Project Team recently met with representatives of several Government agencies to
discuss the final series of adjacent-channel spectrum compatibility tests.

Following the extensive series of field tests that have been carried out, and laboratory simulations using an output filter
consisting of a 6-pole cross-coupled bandpass filter plus a 6-notch filter, we expect a successful
outcome from the tests.

We are grateful to one of our corporate sponsors for the bandpass filter, and also to our member Steve ZL2ASF,
for the notch filter.

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Digital Switch Over for Lower North Island get your 6m contract now

From Sunday 29 September 2013 analogue television will be switched off in the lower North Island freeing up the 50 to 51 MHz portion of the Amateur 6m band for use, you will still need a 6 metre contract to operate in this part of the band.

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Digital Television Tests – Bulletin No 9

The 502 to 510 MHz Digital TV Transmitter is being prepared for the final series of spectrum compatibility tests, to be witnessed by users of the adjacent spectrum.

Ever mindful of the cost of these tests to the users of the adjacent spectrum, we want to ensure the tests are successful at the first attempt. Accordingly, we have performed an extensive series of field tests and laboratory simulations to determine the performance margins of the transmitter system.

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Proposed changes to Contest Rules

The following change is proposed to the VHF-UHF-SHF-EHF contest rules, to become effective on 1st October 2013.

Clause 10 Station Location

Change "NZ1949 Geoid" to "NZGD2000/WGS84"

Please send all comments to: with "Contest Rules" in the subject line

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Amateurs in the South Island celebrate the return of 6 Metres carries an article featuring George Boorer ZL3PN, and discusses the return of access to 6 Metres (~54Mhz) with the shutdown of the conflicting Analogue TV network.

6 Metres - referred to as the 'Magic Band' by some - has had very limited use in New Zealand for many years, due to the close proximity of the Analogue VHF TV transmission.

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