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National AREC Meeting Masterton

The AREC Management Team arrived on site at the Branch 46 Clubrooms shared with SAR in sunny Masterton this morning to find a real SAR operation underway! National Director Jeff Sayer ZL4JS welcomed visitors while managing search comms on a VHF handheld.

John ZL4JY Area Manager Central was on hand to represent our interests with area managers from Northern, Southern, and Midlands (ZK1, ZK8, ZK9, and ZK4 call areas).

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Pending Update to WVHFG Website core software

Hi Folks

Some of you may have noticed the odd PHP error on the website (and for some time!)

Basically the website core software is due for an update, and though i've had the best intentions around doing so, I havn't managed it yet.

I wish to acknowledge this and let you know I do intend to do it (and hopefully sometime soon), so at some point in the near future will be a brief period of website downtime.

Apologies for the inconvenience - and for the transient errors in the interim.

Mark Foster ZL1VMF
Webmaster, Wellington VHF Group

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Presidents Report WNVHF Group

Another year has gone by so quickly. Maybe it’s a sign of my increasing seniority… WNVHF Group has a wonderful committee that just gets things done, the only problem is, recognising how much work is getting done.

It is with some trepidation that we have Gavin standing down as Q-Bit editor after 7 years in the job. There will be a challenge to fill the shoes of a loyal and hardworking editor who made it seem easy by producing a quality journal month after month. I wish him well in his future endeavours.

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Doug Gorman Memorial Frequency Measuring Contest 2012 – Results

The results of the NZART Doug Gorman Memorial Frequency Measuring Contest 2012 are presented below. These results are provisional and have been checked carefully but if you think an error has crept in please let NZART HQ know as soon as possible.

Propagation conditions this year did not favour precise measurement, but congratulations to winner Mike ZL4OL who did a brilliant job using off-the-air calibration.

The format of the results is Branch (if noted in contest entry) Name Call Average (Hz) Standard Deviation (Hz) Equipment and signals (if noted):


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Doug Gorman Memorial Frequency Measuring Contest 2012 – Frequencies

The Wellington VHF Group is pleased to announce the five frequencies for the NZART Doug Gorman Memorial Frequency Measuring Contest for 2012.

Calibration Frequency: 3895.000003 kHz (not part of the contest)

Frequency 1: 3893.000004 kHz
Frequency 2: 3890.998505 kHz
Frequency 3: 3899.002494 kHz
Frequency 4: 3895.998504 kHz
Frequency 5: 3893.002729 kHz

Image of actual counter measurements during contest (add 3890 kHz to each display)
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Extending the life of Diamond co-linear antennas

© 2011 Dick Greenbank ZL2TGQ. First published in Break-In November/December 2011.

The Diamond Antenna Corporation produce a range of dual-band and tri-band base station antennas for Amateur use. The range includes, for example, models X30 through to X500. These variously provide access to the 2m, 70cm and 23cm bands, with the added convenience of a single co-ax to the shack.

Doug Gorman Frequency Measuring Contest Monday 1st October 2012 at 2100 NZST - Note new date

The 60th annual NZART Doug Gorman Frequency Measuring Contest supported by the Wellington VHF Group will be held slightly later this year than usual on Monday 1st October 2012 at 2100 NZST.

The rules will be the same as last year based on feedback from contestants. Please read the rules carefully.

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Meeting Thursday August 30th: RCC at Avalon

Please meet outside the tower. We are invited in from about 8:00, so will assemble outside and have a casual meeting there.
Supper will be at McDonalds in Lower Hutt afterwards.

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Satellites powered by Google Smartphones?

Yes, it's being tried by NASA.

TG Daily reported from Phandroid. Essentially they Nexus smartphone is put into a sealed, protected box and backed up with external batteries, etc. An interesting idea. Hit the links for more.

Time-out for data interface

© 2012 Dick Greenbank ZL2TGQ. First published in Q-Bit Journal July 2012.

I had been thinking for a while of trying out the sound card software AGW Packet Engine. I already had an Alinco Model DR1200T data radio, but had no accompanying interface to connect to the PC sound card. This article describes that part of the design which deals with the time-out function of the interface.

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